Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Saturday, March 31, 2018
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Lenten Study, “Making Room”

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Pastor Tim invites you to ‘Make Room’ during Lent

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Lent begins on Wed, February 14. It is the six weeks before Easter and is known as a time to grow and deepen one’s faith. This year’s Lenten theme for Ascension Lutheran Church and School is “Making Room.” 

The idea is to make room for spiritual practices that help us live fuller, more vibrant lives. Just as there are physical exercises for our body, there are spiritual exercises for our soul. So come learn more about them each week of Lent. I invite you to come to each of our Soup Suppers and Lenten Wednesday Worship services at 9 AM with the school and at 7:15 PM. Those will feature the preaching of some of the many ordained pastors that we have in the Ascension community as well as the Holden Evening Prayer.

Also, there are Lenten Study Group opportunities in which dozens of people throughout the Ascension community will be participating during Lent. Please sign up for one of the many opportunities we are making available. Click here to go to our online signups, which show the start dates for each different group that will be meeting weekly throughout the Lenten season. If you prefer, sign up on the patio between services, or by calling the office.  If you are interested in gathering some friends and starting your own group for this season, we will help you! To do so, please contact Ron and Kathleen Rudrud at

Thank you in advance for making a special effort this Lent to “Make Room” for Jesus. I trust that God will reward your efforts!


Pastor Tim


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