Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade Order Form for August  2021

Ascension was ranked No. 14 among all Fair Trade Congregations in the United States over the last calendar year – and No. 2 among 442 Lutheran congregations in the Women of the ELCA grouping among 13 faith groups in the organization. These rankings relate to purchases of Fair Trade “edibles & consumables” like coffee, tea, chocolate and snacks from Equal Exchange.

Ascension’s Global Ministries Team offers Fair Trade products at sale events periodically throughout the ministry year. These events feature coffee, tea, nuts, cocoa and chocolate  from Equal Exchange and coffee from LWR/Thrive Farmers Market.  If you missed an event and want to place a special order or need to restock your supply contact our team at fairtrade@alcto.org.

Fair Trade farmers and artisans are more than producers or suppliers. They are partners. We join with Fair Trade in celebrating Fair Trade partnerships promoting human, economic and environmental justice.

In our Baptism services, the congregation pledges to “help children grow in the Christian faith and life” by teaching them “to care for others and the world God made, and (to) work for justice and peace.” Thank you for teaching by your example.