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Fair Trade Products

Ascension Fair Trade is happy to have connected with tlali pani. Their ethical trading practices embrace fair trade fundamentals. Women-led artisan families in Mexico create handcrafted textiles and chocolate.

 Find out more in this PowerPoint presentation and video (above).


Ascension has been supporting and promoting Fair Trade for more than 20 years.  Ascension purchases most of its Fair Trade products from Equal Exchange. For calendar year 2023 & for the 3rd consecutive year, Ascension was in the Top 10 among all faith community purchasers nationwide in Equal Exchange’s interfaith customer segment.  In 2023, we added Mt Meru Coffee Project Fair Trade Coffee to the many products we have on the shelves of our Fair Trade Lane.  We are so very blessed to be one of many faith communities promoting justice for people and planet through our support of Fair Trade. 


In June, 2024, we celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Ascension’s Fair Trade Lane, a faith path to justice for people and planet.


Ascension’s Fair Trade Ministry thanks its substantial and ever-growing group of Ascension Fair Traders and the entire Ascension Community for their long and strong support of Fair Trade.  The doors of Fair Trade Lane are opened monthly.  Everyone is invited to shop for their favorites – chocolate products, tea, coffee, nuts, olive oil, snacks and cheese – on Fair Trade Lane.   If you aren’t able to visit Fair Trade Lane to make your purchases, you can contact our team by email at  about the items you wish to purchase.