Gifts of Hope 2023

Gifts of Hope 2023 Final Totals – What a Great Year!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our latest Gifts of Hope into a powerful testament. This is Ascension’s way of sharing God’s love through action and generosity. Our final tally for GOH 2023 is $91,746!  (Full report HERE)

Thanks to our friend Naomi Mbise and her mother, Blessed, for bringing the world of Tanzanian widows into focus for us. And we are grateful also to have gained insights about Friends of Fieldworkers and Harbor House directly from their leaders, Martita and Denise. 

A large portion of these monies has already been distributed. As you can see from this letter, ELCA World Hunger is already putting our God’s Global Barnyard gift to good use! Soon, the GOH team will be presenting Friends of Fieldworkers with their check. We have heard that the Lutheran diocese in Meru, Tanzania has received our gift and they are so thankful. We will hear updates from them as the homes for the widows and children are built.

We join Pastor Steve in saying thanks to this year’s Gifts of Hope planning team: Tamara Nowlin, Mary Wennes, Carol Bjelland, Stacy Bosco, and Dave Harkins (also our Church treasurer, who kept great records of gifts received and sent). We thank Mike Marvin, Camryn Force, Diane Kusnierek for their finance work, as well as our School, ECC, and our Foundation for their participation in Gifts of Hope.  Be the blessing!  (If you’d like to be on the next GOH planning team, let us know.)

Gifts of Hope continues giving hope to many through the kinds of gifts and opportunities that have been lifted up for the past 18 years. This year, we’re focusing on Help for Widows of Maru, Tanzania; Friends of Fieldworkers of Ventura County, Harbor House of Thousand Oaks, and ELCA World Hunger/God’s Global Barnyard

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