Friends in Christ,

For the past two years, Ascension has been closely following government guidelines to help prevent exposure to Covid.
As of last Wednesday, (2-16-22) you’ve probably read and seen for yourself that both the State of California and Ventura County loosened Covid prevention guidelines for indoor activities due to greatly lower infection rates. These new guidelines now allow vaccinated individuals not to have to wear masks indoors, if they choose. However, while it is not required, these government agencies still advise wearing masks at indoor public events.

Ascension will be following the new guidelines for this weekend’s — and future — worship services. While masks will not be required at worship, as a precaution we do respectfully require worship attendees to be masked while singing during the service.

We’ve come a long way together at Ascension during the Covid pandemic. Thank you so very much for your patience and flexibility as we continue to navigate state and local requirements and continue to protect the most vulnerable in our congregation. May we continue to work together in love, avoid judging those who have different opinions about the issues of the pandemic, and be a community that reflects what real life in Jesus is all about!

— Blessings, Pastor Tim