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Be the Blessing

When God blesses us, He calls us to share that blessing with others—to be the blessing ourselves!  Ascension is up to something exciting this year, in fact, we’ve set aside substantial funds for our members to be the blessing.  HERE is the story of how it came together and why it matters so much.

To Apply:

Step 1: Identify a need for which you’d like to request funds.

Step 2: If appropriate, enlist others who might help you fill that need in ministry.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the Grant Request Form — ONLINE, below, or download and fill in this print version and send it to the Be the Blessing Grant Committee c/o Ascension.

Step 4: Use the grant money and engage in the ministry you’ve identified.

Step 5: Within two weeks of engaging in that ministry fill out and submit the Feedback Form — ONLINE, below, or download and fill in this print version and send it — along with any photos or video you have taken of the activity.

Step 6: CONGRATULATIONS! You’re about to be the blessing.

Be the Blessing Grant Criteria

1. Grant requests must be initiated by or processed through a member of One Ascension.

2. Proposals should align with Ascension’s mission: “We are called to create opportunities for all people to become devoted followers of Christ.”

3. Proposals should be for service ministries, external or internal, with an emphasis on those that offer strong benefit to the community.

4. Proposals should be accomplishable and reasonable, with the amount of money requested appropriate to complete the project.

5. Projects that will have a long-term impact or which will self-sustain over time will be prioritized. But one-time projects are also encouraged.

6. Is this a project that other ministries at Ascension could or should fund — or already fund?

Would you like to get involved in ministry but aren’t sure where you best fit?

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